zzzz | Bluesfestival Hoogeveen Tamboer 2014

Phil "Big Daddy Blues" Speat, photo Klaas Guchelaar
Phil “Big Daddy Blues” Speat, photo Klaas Guchelaar

In the Forumfoyer the Greyhound Blues Band (from Drenthe) has taken residence as a backingband for various American musicians. Starting with Rene Trossman. Chicago blues, off to a good start of the evening.
Once Ralph had finished I went back to check on the Greyhound Blues Machine and couldn’t believe my eyes. They were playing for one huge man: Phil ‘Big Daddy Blues’ Speat chanting “Boogie boogie boogie” to an enthusiastic dancing audience. On look and I was hooked. Brilliant, couldn’t get that grin of my face. That’s blues, true blues! Phil was in the audience moments later singing and dancing with the crowd. I loved it!
Now there was one more all-male-band playing in the Parkfoyer: the Rusty Roots, but I had to give them a pass to visit the last artist that the Greyhound Blues Band was backing: Juwana Jenkins, a feisty energetic lady singing ‘feel good’ blues and she had the audience singing and dancing to a great set of blues songs that dip into the deep historical tradition of blues with Gospel, Memphis soul and a bit of Motown. Superb way to end the evening. (text Klaas Guchelaar)

Juwana Jenkins, photo Klaas Guchelaar
Juwana Jenkins, photo Klaas Guchelaar